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The nation's largest and most complete rental fleet

Do you need the highest quality lifting and rigging equipment available? Whether you are involved in a refinery plant turnaround, rebuilding a coal-fired generator at a power plant, or working in a coal mine far underground, renting equipment from Delta Rigging & Tools can be a great solution.

Why rent?

Heavy lifting equipment is difficult to store and maintain. Delta Rigging & Tools takes care of this for you. Let us ship just what you need to you for just as long as you need it. Then we’ll do the rest. All of our rentals are certified and in top condition when you receive them.

Equipment that is not constantly utilized and maintained deteriorates over time. This creates unnecessary risks for your people and projects.

Equipment should be stored and cared for even when not being used in a way that ensures long life. However, it takes ongoing support and expertise to maintain heavy lifting and rigging gear properly, so leave the maintenance to us.

What’s more, buying equipment is a capital expense many businesses simply can’t afford. Renting equipment is is often the best financial solution for your heavy lifting requirements.

Modulift Spreader Bars up to 1600 tons - convenient modular shipping options

What kind of equipment Does Delta Rigging & Tools rent?

Virtually anything you buy from us you can rent from us for days, weeks or months depending on your requirements.

Delta Rigging & Tools maintains the largest rental fleet of equipment in the nation focused on heavy lifting and rigging.

  • Single and Double Drum Air Tuggers up to 24,000 lbs of line pull.
  • Spreader bars, including the exclusive Modulift System with a 2-ton to 1600 ton capacity and with spans from 1 foot to 170 feet.

    Air Module Systems up to 320,000 lbs.

  • Hydraulic lifting systems up to 500 tons on a single ram
  • Hillman rollers up to 200 ton capacity
  • Air module systems up to 320,000 lb. capacity
  • Air chain hoists up to 100 ton capacity
  • Lever hoists up to 9 ton capacity
  • Electric chain hoists up to 20 ton capacity
  • Adjustable gantries
  • Chain and wire rope rigging
  • Synthetic rigging slings
  • Rigging equipment of all kinds and capacities

Need something custom that you really need to rent? Talk to us first. We custom manufacture solutions for challenging projects.  Talk to us first  — we have the experience you need and we’re here to help you succeed.

Delta Rigging & Tools offers execeptional service and support for all rental projects.

Only Delta Rigging & Tools has the equipment, the experience and the outstanding support you need to meet the largest industrial project needs. To find out more and receive a quote on your project, contact us today at .

Air Chain Hoists - Delta has the nation's largest high-capacity rental fleet

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