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Delta Rigging & Tools chosen by FibreMax as their product representative in the USA

Delta Rigging & Tools has been appointed as the distribution and service representative for FibreMax in the USA. FibreMax is based in The Netherlands and offers a unique, high-tech product of nearly limitless applications.

FibreMax lightweight precision cables are produced by using a unique, one-of-a-kind production process. All cables are produced with Endless Winding technology, which is a totally automated process of continuous winding of parallel strands of fibers around two end fittings until the right cable strength or required cable stretch has been reached.

By maintaining a constant and equal tension (with an accuracy of 0.1%) in all fiber strands during the winding process, an efficiency of more than 80% on the used fibers is reached. Other manufacturers are able to reach only 40% with more conventional methods. In this way, FibreMax is able to produce cables which have the lowest possible diameter, weight and stretch at the same break load when compared to other manufacturers.

The production process ensures that all cables are produced with high repeatability; when producing multiple cables FibreMax can guarantee that all cables will have exactly the same specifications.

This unique production process isn’t limited to one fiber only; FibreMax can produce cables out of any fiber material, depending on the application or customer’s request. Working through Delta Rigging & Tools in the USA, FibreMax engineers can assist in choosing the best fiber option for your application. Fibers that can be used include nylon, polyester, aramid, Dyneema®, carbon or PBO.

FibreMax and Delta Rigging and Tools working together are able to handle the most challenging, heavy-lift projects that require high-quality materials, engineering precision and outstanding technical support. These problem-solving projects often involve developing new solutions for existing industries using FibreMax engineering experience, combined with high-performance synthetic fibers.

For more detailed information, please download a brochure or contact FibreMax at:

phone: +31(0)513 681008

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