FibreMax Synthetic Pendant Lines

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Surface mining relies heavily on the availability and effectiveness of some key assets, including the draglines and shovels. Depending on the size of the equipment and the type of material being minded, the hourly cost of downtime resulting from inefficient operations, equipment failure and unplanned maintenance can be considerable.

One point of common failure is with the pendant lines. These lines, connecting the draglines and shovels, are often submitted to a large number of tension cycles which can have a dramatic impact on service life.

Traditionally, pendant lines are made of steel wire rope because of cost/strength/wear calculations. Over time, it became “the way it’s done” even though the cost/strength/wear calculations have changed over time. Steel wire rope, while it has great strength, actually has a limited service life when submitted to repetitive tension-slack-tension fatigue cycles. Steel wire rope also is subject to corrosion and unseen internal weaknesses. As a result, safe operations require regular inspections and maintenance that reduce operational downtime and can result in unplanned failure. Wire Rope also stores energy under tension that can create personnel safety and equipment security issues in the result of an unplanned failure.

Lightweight pendant lines from FibreMax, made from incredibly strong aramid fibres, is the new material of choice when looking for an alternative to steel wire rope. The endless winding production process guarantees a solid construction and uniform strength. FibreMax aramid fibres have tremendous strength-to-weight benefits over traditional steel wire rope and it is not subject to corrosion, reducing the need for routine maintenance.

FibreMax features solid end terminations, with the fibers wound continuously around the terminations, preventing slippage that could cause elongation or failure of the pendant line. Using lightweight pendant lines will increase productivity, maintenance and operational costs will be reduced along with risks to personnel safety and the chance of equipment damage.

FibreMax can manufacture complete, customized pendant lines for all mining equipment for surface mines or sub surface mining operations. This includes boom pendants – upper, lower and intermediate – for shovels, draglines and for stackers and reclaimers.

FibreMax uses continuously-wound terminations to form a high-strength, secure connection.

Characteristics of FibreMax aramid pendant lines include:

  • Available in exact lengths up to 140 meters (with a tolerance of 1mm).
  • Extremely high fatigue life and increased service levels.
  • Can be manufactured to any break strength required.
  • Weight is up to 90% less than for steel wire rope
  • No construction stretch, requiring less re-tensioning over its lifespan
  • Fully integrated end termination guarantees.
  • No greasing, painting or other corrosion maintenance is required
  • Operating temperatures range from -50 degrees to +90 degrees centigrade.
  • Optional integrated fibre optic cables can provide remote, real-time monitoring of the pendant stress and temperature levels via the internet.

For many years, Delta Rigging & Tools has been the preferred supplier of choice for procurement specialists, equipment managers, rigging supervisors and others in the mining industry who are looking for the best possible safety, service, quality and value. With the addition of the FibreMax line of synthetic pendant lines and other materials for the mining industry, operational and productivity benefits have raised the level of awareness to the executive management team, including the CFO and the CEO.

After all, when you can reduce costs, increase productivity and reduce risks for your people and equipment simply from shifting from the traditional steel wire rope to the new synthetic pendant lines from FibreMax, it’s something everyone in a company should be interested in.

For more about FibreMax and all of the other products and services Delta Rigging & Tools can provide to your mining operations, send a query to We will be back to you quickly with the answers, quote and the support you need.

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