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Delta Rigging & Tools offers quality components throughout our product line. But sometimes customers need something that meets a specific standard, like Mil-Spec, ASTM, NAS or others.

That’s where the Delta Rigging & Tools Specialty Components department comes in. We offer a full range of specialty items that meet the most stringent certification standards, including:

  • Wire Rope per MIL-DTL-83420
  • Chain per RR-C-271
  • Specialty fittings to meet MS and NAS requirements
  • Numerous other standards as needed

Delta’s Specialty Components group maintains a huge inventory of hard-to-find parts, components and fittings to meet the highest standards. And if it’s a very rare requirement, let our experts source it for you. Our customers have found that that are virtually no parts, components or fittings we cannot source for you.

In the event the part doesn’t exist, or isn’t commercially available, Delta Rigging’s Specialty Components group can employ the latest CAD-CAM technology to design and then custom fabricate the item you need. Whether you need something in stainless steel or nickle alloy for a highly corrosive environment, or a specialty synthetic material, Delta’s Specialty Components group can assist you.

In fact, the Specialty Components group will work with you to understand your challenge and can assist you in developing an innovative solution to meet your needs.

We maintain our own in-house sewing and strap assembly capabilities to custom make slings and straps for unique challenges. If you need Mil-Spec webbing, thread counts, sewing and and coverings, we can do it all for you.

Maybe that’s why some of the largest governments in the world and the top manufacturers in the defense industry have asked Delta Rigging & Tools to assist them in meeting their most difficult lifting and rigging challenges.


To find out more about the Delta Rigging & Tools Specialty Components group, go HERE.


To contact us about a CAD-CAM design project, a quote on MIL-SPEC or NAS rated components, or for information on unique fabrication services or custom assemblies, send a query with Specialty Components in the subject line to

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