How do you lift an elephant?

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Delta Rigging & Tools designed and manufactured Tuffy slings for lifting elephants at the Dallas Zoo.

It sounds like the opening line to a humorous story, but it’s a real-life case study for Delta Rigging & Tools.

At Delta Rigging & Tools, our motto is “When Every Lift Counts.” We know that every lift does count, because whenever you lift something very heavy into the air, you have people, property and projects on the line.

When it comes to lifting a live elephant and putting it down safely again, the challenge becomes even larger and more complex.

That’s why, when the Dallas Zoo needed to lift their Elephant, “Stumpy,” they relied on Tuffy Synthetic slings from Delta Rigging & Tools. Delta’s Specialty Components Department was able to take the requirements from the Dallas Zoo to design and manufacture a special-purpose lifting sling that’s just right for lifting Stumpy safely.

So when the question comes up, “How do you lift an Elephant?” the answer in this case is simple:

“Very carefully, using specially designed synthetic slings from Delta Rigging & Tools.”

Photo courtesy of the Dallas Zoo. Delta Rigging & Tools supports the Dallas Zoo and their mission. To Sponsor Stumpy, or another of the fascinating animals at the Dallas Zoo, go HERE.

Delta Rigging & Tools – When Every Lift Counts™

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