Plant Shutdowns and Turnarounds

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Just like a highly tuned race car, industrial chemical, petrochemical and power plants require ongoing maintenance to ensure efficiency, environmental compliance and safety. That can mean shutting down parts or all of the plant in order to do the work required. And, just like the race car, these plant shutdowns and turnarounds are often scheduled far in advance of the need to do the repairs in order to maximize efficiency and minimize costly downtime.

For years, Delta Rigging & Tools has been a trusted partner in these critical plant shutdowns and turnarounds by providing both the plant operators, and key contractors performing the maintenance work, with the rigging and lifting equipment, services and support they need to get the job accomplished on time, and on budget.

Delta Rigging & Tools understands the pressure of delivering the right equipment – slings, hoists, safety equipment and more – when and where the customer needs it. That means the project is never delayed because they don’t have access to the equipment they need when the schedule calls for it.

Delta Rigging & Tools offers the largest rental fleet of large-scale air hoists — up to 100 Ton — of any provider in the USA. We also provide the full range of synthetic and wire rope slings for sale or rent, and can even custom build and ship a containerized “rigging loft” to ensure everything is organized and ready to go when it arrives at the jobsite.

What kind of equipment Does Delta Rigging & Tools rent?

JD Neuhaus Hoists - The latest technology with outstanding quality and valueVirtually anything you can buy from us you can cost effectively rent from Delta for days, weeks or months depending on your project requirements.

  • Single and Double Drum Hoists up to 24,000 lbs of line pull.
  • Spreader bars, including the exclusive Modulift System with a 2-ton to 1600 ton capacity and with spans from 1 foot to 170 feet.
  • Hydraulic lifting systems up to 500 tons on a single ram
  • Hillman rollers up to 200 ton capacity
  • Air module systems up to 320,000 lb. capacity
  • Air chain hoists up to 100 ton capacity
  • Lever hoists up to 9 ton capacity
  • Electric chain hoists up to 20 ton capacity
  • Adjustable gantries
  • Chain and wire rope rigging
  • Synthetic rigging slings
  • Rigging equipment of all kinds and capacities

If your plant is preparing for an upcoming shutdown or turnaround maintenance period, give Delta Rigging & Tools a call. Our experts will work with you every step of the way to provide you with the equipment and materials you need, at the highest possible Safety, Service, Quality and Value.

To contact us, call 1-877-408-8008. Or send us a web query for Sales and Rentals HERE.

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