Hoist and Winch Inspection, Service & Repair

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Since the company’s inception in 2004, Delta Rigging & Tools has rapidly become the leading provider in the sale, rental and service of industrial hoists, rigging and tools in the United States. The company not only offers one of the largest rental fleets in the world for industrial hoists and winches, but also the ability to inspect, service and repair the equipment — either on site or at one of our 14 locations around the country.

Our factory-trained service technicians can inspect, repair and re-certify your lifting equipment to ensure OEM safety compliance standards are met and the equipment continues to perform reliably in the field.

In some cases, however, further repairs or a complete overhaul may be required. Delta Rigging & Tools can rebuild your existing equipment to factory specs. We will then retest and re-certify it, repaint it and ship it back to you in “like new” condition at a fraction of the cost of a new purchase.

Delta Rigging & Tools is able to service and support all of the major brands, including Budgit, Chester, Harrington, Ingersol-Rand, J.D. Neuhaus, Thern and many more. Delta Rigging & Tools is also the leader in providing expert service and support for BOP Handling systems for the oil and gas industry.

Standard Re-manufacturing Process

All processes are performed by or under the supervision of factory trained and certified service technicians.

Specific Components Inspected, Repaired and/or Replaced include:

  • Trolley
  • Trolley Drives
  • Hoist Mid Section
  • Hoist Motor
  • Hoist Gearbox
  • Bottom Block
  • Hand Held Control
  • Chain Container
  • Filter, Lubricator/Regulator

Re manufacturing Steps include:

  • Hoists are pressure washed and disassembled
  • All surfaces are cleaned of corrosion and paint to bare metal
  • All internal surfaces are cleaned and degreased
  • All wear surfaces are inspected and measured to OEM standards
  • All replacement parts needed meet or exceed OEM quality standards
  • On reassembly, all parts are lubricated and coated with anti-seizing compounds where needed.
  • New load chain with corrosion resistant finish is installed in all re-manufactured hoists
  • External surfaces on the unit are painted with a zinc-rich primer prior to load testing.
  • Load testing is performed to standards exceeding ASTM, ASME and ANSI requirements
  • The unit is painted with a second primer coat and top coat of paint after load testing and readied for shipping.

Delta Rigging & Tools BOP Handling System Core Exchange Program

Delta Rigging & Tools will evaluate a customer’s existing BOP handling system and may offer a core value that can be applied to the purchase of a new or re-manufactured replacement system.

Delta Rigging & Tools stocks and maintains a complete inventory of certified hoist load chain for all Original Equipment Manufacturers of BOP handling hoists across all capacities and models. All stocked hoist load chains for BOP hoists are manufactured with a zinc -based corrosion resistant surface for use in offshore applications.

Download our BOP Handling System brochure here: Delta_BOP_Re-manufactured_Hoists.

Contact Delta Rigging & Tools for Hoist and Winch Inspection, Service & Repair

For a free quote on inspection or repair services, at your location or at one of our locations across the United States, complete and send the contact form HERE. Or call your nearest Delta Rigging & Tools location at: 877-408-8008

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