Yes, Delta Rents Wire Rope Slings

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Did you know that Delta Rigging & Tools rents large-capacity (3/4″ and above) wire rope slings?

We do, and do it better than anyone else in the country. We manufacture, test, inspect and certify thousands of commercial lifting slings each year for sale.

But for some customers, who prefer not to have the capital expense of a sling purchase, and would prefer to have Delta Rigging & Tools maintain the ongoing quality and current certification of the inventory, sling rental is the best option.

Why Rent?

By choosing sling rental, over purchase, the customer eliminates many of the headaches and longer-term costs of owning and maintaining a stock of slings that may be used for a shorter-term project. Some of the benefits include:

  • Safety and Risk Management – Slings are always in well maintained, work-ready condition, fully inspected and with certifications that are up-to-date when shipped to the job site
  • Reduced Costs – Rentals eliminate capital expense costs of ownership, and eliminate storage costs, asset management tracking, ongoing maintenance costs, and tax liabilities
  • Project Assurance – project costs are more easily tracked and monitored, and project milestones are never missed because you don’t have exactly what you need, when you need it

If you are interested in pricing a sling rental option, let Delta Rigging & Tools quote it for you.

Tell us the quantity and diameter of the wire rope slings you need, when you need them and for how long and we’ll do the rest. To receive a sling rental quote, contact our inside sales team HERE and put SLING RENTALS in the subject line.

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