Lightweight Benefits of FibreMax

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FibreMax Synthetic Pendant Lines Ready to Ship

FibreMax, based in The Netherlands, has recently delivered a complete set of 9000kN rated Aramid crane pendant lines (equivalent to more than 1000 tons of rated pull strength) to a customer. They were able to pack the lines and ship them conveniently inside a 40 foot container for transport.

FibreMax lightweight precision cables are produced by using a unique “continuous winding” production process. This automated process builds up each length of custom cable through an endless winding technology that winds parallel strands of fibers around two terminal end fittings until the desired strength is reached.

Due to the light weight and flexibility of the lines – the largest line being 32 meters or nearly 100 feet in length – the entire container could be handled easily without the need for a crane.

This is an added benefit to the customer in that the shipping costs can be considerably lower, and the ease and relative safety of handling the FibreMax product compared to normal wire rope of equal strength, are greatly enhanced.

Delta Rigging & Tools is designated distribution and service provider for FibreMax in the USA. To find out more about FibreMax, visit their website at:

FibreMax Crane Pendant Lines

For a product demonstration or to purchase the FibreMax products, contact Delta Rigging & Tools HERE.

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