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Delta Rigging & Tools is a leader in the production and delivery of innovative slings and other lifting gear made from synthetic materials.

For example, our FibreMax product line offers ten times the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight, and is impervious to corrosive environments, chemicals, metal fatigue and more.

Delta Rigging & Tools is also the primary distributor of the Tuffy line of synthetic slings, and custom manufactures our own slings in-house to meet the most demanding lifting challenges. If you can’t find what you are looking for in our product catalogue, tell us. We are able to design and custom manufacture exactly what you  need.

We’re also able to perfectly match your synthetic slings and to other specialized lifting equipment to deliver an innovative lifting solution. For example, Delta Rigging and Tools can offer a complete synthetic sling system, along with a Modulift modular spreader bar, and deliver it to you at your job site as a rental or as a purchase.

Either way, we’ll deliver exactly what you need to accomplish your lift with our assurance of Safety, Service, Quality and Value.

For more information about Delta Rigging & Tools complete synthetic lifting products, download our Delta Synthetic Web Handbook.

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