Nautilus Hooks – Safer by Design

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Nautilus Hook - Safer By Design

Delta Rigging & Tools is committed to safety. In fact, it’s the first of our four company values: Safety, Service, Quality and Value.

With our corporate focus on Safety, Delta Rigging & Tools is always looking for innovative products that enhance safety in the industrial rigging and lifting industry.

One such product is the Nautilus Hook™. The patented design, from Nautilus Rigging, dramatically reduces the chance of serious injury to the hand when applying or releasing the hook from the hook/sling interface. Standard “latch lock” hooks are notorious for creating pinch and trap injuries that can result in permanent disability to the worker and often costly medical care and compensation, not to mention possible litigation and insurance costs.

The Nautilus Hook design eliminates this risk and provides a simple, safe, one-handed operation that puts worker safety first. This unique design puts an end to pinch and trap hand injuries. The intelligent configuration between the handle and lock promotes a “rotational arm” motion to open the hook, providing easier operation while eliminating the strain and wrist bending required by traditional hooks.

Putting ease of use first

Nautilus Hooks have proven safety benefits that enhance workplace safety for all lifting operations.

The patented design of the Nautilus Hook dramatically reduces the chance of hand injuries

The technically advanced design was developed over 3 years and field proven in the demanding North Sea Oil & Gas industry. The prototype hooks were subjected to 12 weeks of field trials on North Sea drilling rigs in spring 2009, totalling 3,125 man hours of use.

All Nautilus Hooks™ are manufactured from high-grade alloy steel to EU and US standards, and have DNV type approval. All Nautilus Hooks are also individually proof tested and come in a full range of sizes and Working Load Limits up to 20 metric tons.

For more information about the Nautilus Hook, please visit the Nautilus Rigging website at:

To receive more information and a quote on Nautilus Hooks, please contact Delta Rigging & Tools HERE.

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