Fall Prevention vs. Fall Protection

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Limpet - Breakthrough in Fall Prevention and Climb Assist

Fall Protection is a very important subject related to workplace Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) requirements as well as personnel safety guidelines issued by OSHA. This is especially true in the rigging and lifting areas of many industries because of the common requirement to work at significant heights.

How important? Here are the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) for 2010:

  • Of the 3,063,400 total recordable cases,  208,470 – or nearly 7% – involved falls
  • Of the recorded cases, there were 598 fatalities involving falls in private industry, with a significant percentage involving falling from ladders.

Currently, there are a number of advisory groups and regulatory bodies that have an interest in Fall Arrest/Fall Protection products, systems and their usage, including OSHA, ANSI, ISEA, and others. However, even with all of the oversight and focus on fall protection, we still have far too many injuries and deaths related to falls.

State of the Art – Fall Prevention

Standards are changing rapidly in the area of Fall Arrest, moving from Fall Protection (where state of the art has been limiting the fall to 2 meters or less) to Fall Prevention (limiting the descent to less than one centimeter).

The difference between the two is significant, as shown in this video, The Limpet – Proactive Fall Prevention.

A fall using current fall protection can create up to a 13G shock to the body, a reportable, injurious incident, and requires destruction of all rigging subjected to the shock load.

However, an advanced fall prevention device, like the Limpet Technology Solution, results in a descent of less than one centimeter, with less than 1G of load to the body, no reportable injury and no requirement to destroy the rigging because there was no significant shock load.

Limpet Technology™ – The New Standard in Fall Prevention

Delta Rigging & Tools is the primary distributor of the Limpet Technology Fall Protection and Climb Assist solution in North America and Australia. For more information about this breakthrough system, visit our Limpet page HERE.

If you would like a live demo of the Limpet System, please email us HERE with Limpet Demo in the subject line.

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