Safety and Quality

Safety & Quality

Delta Rigging & Tools - Focused on safety and quality

Safety and Quality cannot be separated. . . Without one, you can’t have the other.

At Delta Rigging & Tools, we hold safety and quality to be among the most important core values of the company because we know what’s on the line, every lift, every time.

To ensure an ongoing focus on safety and quality, Delta Rigging & Tools has taken some steps that we think separates us from others in the industry.

  • Full time staff deployed who are focused entirely on safety and quality
  • A dedicated QC department with full engineering, the latest CAD/CAM technologies, and the ability to custom design, create, test and certify rigging & lifting solutions for your most challenging applications
  • Offers products provided by only the “best of the best” vendors and suppliers, and personally inspects materials shipped in and out
  • Focuses on ongoing training and continuous improvement processes
  • Has certified rigging, lifting and inspection professionals across the country
  • Offers the highest levels of training and support to our customers

When it comes to safety and quality, Delta Rigging & Tools refuses to cut corners.
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